Minesweepers Anonymous

Once upon a time there lived a couple who loved playing massively multiplayer online role-playing video games with each other (World of Warcraft or Destiny or something). The thing about these games is that they’re a bit like exercise/fitness where you need to keep playing them to keep your score high, and if you don’t you play them (or exercise) enough your score (or fitness) starts dropping which makes it much less fun overall.

So playing these games all went well for the couple, for a while.

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Introducing Einstein: the minesweeper robot

As part of the Test Automation Bazaar, I thought it would be fun to have a minesweeper robot contest.

Scott Sims was the ‘default’ winner as he had the only entry, an early interation of his own minesweeper robot that can win beginner level, but not much more.

A colleague of mine, Mark Ryall, and myself developed our own robot ‘Einstein’ and here are some slides and a video* about him. You can check him out on github.


* Soundtrack courtesy of blakerobinson

Have you always wanted to automate minesweeper?

I am running a contest as part of the Test Automation Bazaar in Austin, Texas from March 23-24.

The challenge is to write a robot that plays (and wins) expert games of minesweeper. You can use whatever language and tool you like. A colleague of mine, Mark Ryall, and myself have written a web version of minesweeper from scratch using Coffeescript. It’s available to play at minesweeper.github.com.

Full details of the contest are on the conference web site hosted on watir.com.

Good luck! It sounds easier than it is.